I think the internet should be accessible, fast and cheap. But in Uzbekistan, it is not totally the case or at least wasn’t a few years ago. And I have always been in search of hacky ways to get around the problem.

Photo by Taylor Vick on Unsplash

7th grade, the first time we got home WiFi, it had a limit of 600 MB a month which costed around $8. Use it with a little less care and you run out of traffic in the first couple of hours of the month. The nicest thing at that time was Tas-IX, which is a network of servers…

Do you feel like you are being watched?

Photo by Anthony Rosset on Unsplash

One day my nephew visited me, he makes me forget everything, play video games and watch crazy movies with him. We were talking about what game we would play that day. “Asphalt 8”, I suggested, but we were not sure. Later, I opened up my phone, surfed around different apps, and an ad popped up on the bottom, it was Asphalt 8. Cool, I thought, because I didn’t have to open Play Store, search for Asphalt 8, instead tapped the download button, just 2 clicks away. We had not decided yet, but…

Makhmudjon Kalandarov

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